Alabama Woman Used Lil’ Kim’s Dance Moves To Dodge Bullets

Alabama Woman Used Lil’ Kim’s Dance Moves To Dodge Bullets

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An Alabama woman claims Lil Kim’s dance moves saved her life after she was caught in a drive-by.

TMZ reports that after Shariah Taylor heard shots on April 26, she executed the rapper’s ‘Quiet Storm’ dance moves, and it prevented her from being shot.

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Dance Moves Allegedly Saved Taylor In Drive-By

Taylor comically recounted the story to WTVY. She stated that her child was with her, forcing her to think quickly on her feet. She began the story as if she was speaking to a friend, “Okay, so boom…”

“So, I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, doing my Lil’ Kim….” Shariah said as she demonstrated Kim’s signature move.

Taylor continued, “I’m trying to get my baby in the car, then I threw my baby in the backseat, and we just sped off.”

The Second Shooting In A Month

After the hail of bullets ceased, a 30-year-old man was subsequently shot. This is the second shooting at the Westgate Village apartment complex in the past month. Earlier in April, a woman was shot while sleeping in her bed with her children.

“Two separate shootings this close together gives us cause for concern,” Lieutenant Scott Owens of the Dothan Police stated.

“We still want the community to come out and be a partner with us and help us top these senseless acts of violence,” he added.

The shootings have caused many of the residents of Westgate Village to become fearful.

Taylor admitted, “Sometimes, I don’t feel safe,” before adding, “I’m kind of paranoid out here, and I’m scared.”

Lil Kim’s viral dance moves were birthed on Mobb Deep’s 1999 ‘Quiet Storm (Remix)’ video. Her movements eventually became a meme that has continued circulating over the years.

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